Beaches on Bonaire

Untouched beaches with crystal clear water.

Bonaire offers pristine, natural beaches that are encapsulated by the crystal-clear blue water and captivating natural environments. Many tourists come to the Caribbean islands of the sun, sea, and beach!
Bonaire has several beautiful beaches. Each beach has its own identity, character, and array of possibilities for fun activities. There are the overlooked, monitored beaches on the one hand, where you will find cool restaurants and beach bars with many tourists. On the other hand, other beaches are tucked away that offer a quieter setting and which are more popular among the island locals.


Bonaire distinguishes between private beaches and public beaches. The private beaches are owned by hotels, businesses or individuals. Like the public beaches, these private beaches are generally accessible to all, although it is general courtesy to purchase even just a drink or meal from the businesses managing the private beaches. The difference between private and public beaches is that the facilities on private beaches are slightly better arranged, providing access to tables, sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets and food and drink outlets.

The Bonairian beaches are pure and untouched, especially in comparison to other islands in the Caribbean. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and well maintained, offering a peaceful, quiet space for relaxation.
In Bonaire, there is a well-met balance between preserving the aquatic marine life on the one hand, and managing the influx of tourists on the other hand.
There is an enchanting reef island on the coast of Kralendijk, where you will find vast white beaches, perfect for basking in the sun’s golden rays. This beautiful, miniature island hosts sea turtles that lay their eggs; and with luck in your favour you may see some eggs during your stay here.


One of the best known sandy beaches in southeastern Bonaire is Sorobon Beach. This beach is located on Lac Bay, a lagoon surrounded by a mangrove forest. Mangroves are trees or bushes that are found in tropical areas and which thrive in aquatic ecosystems. Sorobon Beach is also the beach where windsurfers to congregate and enjoy the consistent breeze that washes over the island.

Several hotels and resorts in Kralendijk have created artificial sandy beaches for their guests, and specifically for children.
Most beaches on the island are characterized by pebbles and fossilized coral, but fortunately, there are many small sandy beaches between these which are perfect for a full day of relaxation.

NApart from the beaches on the south coast, there are also plenty of beaches on the west side of Bonaire. These are beautiful beaches that are definitely worth a visit.
These beaches are protected by a cove and are thus sheltered from the island’s wind, allowing for perfect swimming with limited current and waves.

Last but not least, there are beaches on the north coast of the island too. Here you can only sunbathe and relax, as swimming is highly discouraged due to strong currents and wild seas.


An overview of the most famous beaches in Bonaire:

Boka Slagbaai

This is a beautiful, sheltered beach located in Washington at the Slagbaai National Park, which is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Unfortunately, the beach is not accessible for free as there is an admission fee. There is also a restaurant to enjoy some food and a drink.


As we mentioned before, this is one of the best known sandy beaches on the south coast of Bonaire. Lac Bay is a large, shallow bay and features multiple beaches. It is the ideal location for windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Little Bonaire

From the center of Kralendijk, several boats go to the mini island of small Bonaire. Here you will find beautiful white hail beaches where you can relax. There are no facilities on the island, giving it an authentic, cast away atmosphere.

Bachelor’s Beach

South of the airport lies the Belnem district. In this area, there is a tiny beach for swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

Pink Beach

Between Belnem and the southernmost tip of Bonaire is another beautiful little beach, which is certainly worth the effort of visiting: Pink Beach. Due to its’ positioning, this beach has been especially vulnerable to storms, and there is thus a vast amount of “dead coral” strewn around, giving it a different and unique character.

1000 steps

Along the coastline, between Kralendijk center and Gotomer, there is a small beach called 1000 steps. Before reaching the beach you have to tackle 65 steps, but the view offered from here makes the effort all worth it.