Restaurants on Bonaire

An overview of the best restaurants on the island.

Here we provide you with an overview of our favorite restaurants on the islands.

Bonaire is a real foodies paradise. From chic restaurants with culinary delights to simple dining cafes, the range of restaurants on Bonaire is large and diverse.

The island has about 100 restaurants and almost all imaginable kitchen cuisines are represented. There are many small, traditional restaurants with delicious local and international dishes. As a tourist, it is also worth a visit to visit the village of Rincon. In this village, you will find eateries that make traditional Bonairian specialties.

Based on the vast mixture of diverse cultures on the island, various cuisine styles exist from all over the world.
Many Chefs in Bonaire have won international awards by creating unique dishes and culinary experiences, or adding a tropical, Caribbean sauce to well-known international dishes.