Beaches on Bonaire

Unspoilt natural beaches with clear blue sea

Many vacationers come to the Caribbean islands for the sun, sea and beach! Bonaire has several beautiful beaches. Each beach has its own identity, character and possibilities. There are beaches where it is mainly “looking and being watched”. Here you will find hip restaurants and beach bars with many tourists. On the other hand, other beaches are a bit quieter and very popular with the locals.

Different types of beaches

On Bonaire, a distinction is made between private beaches and public beaches. The private beaches are owned by hotels, companies or individuals and, like the public beaches, are generally accessible to everyone. At a number of private beaches, entrance is requested or it is customary to purchase a drink when visiting. The difference between private and public beaches is that the facilities of private beaches are often slightly better arranged. You will encounter amenities such as tables, beds, umbrellas, toilets and food and beverage outlets more quickly.

The Bonairean beaches, compared to the other ABC islands, are still pure and untouched. The beaches are generally quieter, very beautiful and clean. It is very important for Bonaire that the beaches on the island remain clean, on the one hand this has to do with tourism, on the other hand it is important for the nature and underwater world of the island. On Small Bonaire, the enchanting reef island off the coast of Kralendijk, you will find snow-white beaches where you can enjoy the sun. Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of this mini island and with a bit of luck you will see the eggs hatch when you visit little Bonaire.

Sandy beaches

One of the most famous sandy beaches in the southeast of Bonaire is Sorobon Beach. This beach is located at Lac Bay, a lagoon partly surrounded by a mangrove forest. Mangroves are trees or shrubs that occur in tidal tropical areas. Sorobon Beach is also the beach where many windsurfers come together.

Several hotels and / or resorts in Kralendijk have injected an artificial sandy beach for the guests who stay. This is mainly done for the young children. However, on most beaches on the island you will find small pebbles and fossilized coral. Fortunately, there are often still small pieces of sandy beach between which you can lie on.

In addition to beaches on the south coast, there are also plenty of beaches on the west side of Bonaire. These are also beautiful beaches that are definitely worth a visit. These beaches are within the coverage of the island, which means that there is less wind here and therefore currents and waves are also limited. So you can swim well in the sea here.

Finally, we have the beaches on the north coast of the island. Here you can only sunbathe and relax. On these beaches it is not wise to go into the sea because of the strong currents and wild sea.

Overview beaches

An overview of the most famous beaches on Bonaire.

Boka Slagbaai

This is a beautiful, sheltered beach located in the Washington Slagbaai National Park. You can snorkel and dive well here. Unfortunately, the beach is not accessible for free, because entrance to the Washington Park must be paid for, but of course you can also take a trip through this beautiful park. You will also find restaurants to have a bite to eat and a drink.


As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the most famous sandy beaches on the south coast of Bonaire. Lac Bay is a large, shallow bay with several beaches. It is the ideal location for windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling.

Small Bonaire

From the center of Kralendijk several boats go to the mini-island of small Bonaire. Here you will find beautiful, white hail beaches where you can relax. There are no other facilities on the island.

Bachelor’s Beach

The Belnem district is located south of the airport. In this district there is a tiny beach where you can swim, dive and snorkel.

Pink Beach

Between the Belnem district and the southernmost tip of Bonaire is another beautiful, small beach that is definitely worth a visit: Pink Beach. It used to storm a lot here, so there is a lot of “dead” coral on the beach.

1000 steps

Along the coast from the center of Kralendijk to the Gotomeer is a small beach which is called 1000 steps. Before you reach the beach you have to climb 65 steps, but the view you have here is definitely worth it!

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