Flamingo Airport

The place where your dream vacation really starts.

Bonaire International Airport

Bonaire’s airport, Flamingo Airport, is named after the most famous bird which inhabits the island: the Caribbean Flamingo. This is reflected in the unique, pinkish-red colour of the airport building, which houses several cozy waiting areas. At this airport, all airplane types can land, including the Boeing 747 and the 787 Dreamliner. This is TUI’s newest aircraft that has been flying to Bonaire since the summer of 2014. Several facilities and amenities are provided at Flamingo Airport. You will find restaurants, ATMs, souvenir shops, liquor stores and perfume retailers.

Contact Informatie

Bonaire International Airport
(Flamingo Airport)

Plasa Medardo SV Thielman 1
Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Telefoon: +(599) 717-5600
Fax: +(599) 717-5607
Email: info@flamingoairport.com

Airport Tax

At Bonaire’s airport, it is required to pay airport tax upon your deprture. Sometimes this tax is already included in your ticket price, but that is not always the case. When flying from Bonaire to Curacao, Aruba, Saint Maarten, Saba or Saint Eustatius, the tax is $ 9.00. To fly from to any other destination from Bonaire, the cost is $ 35.00. For children under the age of two years, no tax fee is required.


During your vacation on Bonaire island, you can choose to visit the nearby islands Aruba and / or Curacao. Tickets to these islands are relatively cheap from Bonaire. For example, Insel Air flies to and from Aruba and Curaçao several times a day. Divi Divi Airline also flies to Aruba and Curacao a few times a day. Often these flights are direct, but it may also be that some flights first make a transit stop on Aruba or Curacao. The departure times and prices can be found on Skyscanner or other similar web platforms.

Pay attention of the fact delays may occur with Insel Air flights, especially ones schedule for later in the day. It is therefore always recommended to keep an eye on current, up-to-date flight information.

Depart and arrivals

The depart and arrival information of Flamingo Airport (local time).